IAAF World Athletics Championships

The IAAF World Athletics Championships, Doha 2019. Commonly referred to as the World Championships in Athletics (WCH), is a biennial athletics event organized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Originally held every four years, first in 1983, the current two-year cycle began in 1991.

Over the years the competition has grown in size. In 1983 an estimated 1,300 athletes from 154 countries participated. By the 2003 competition, in Paris, it had grown to 1,907 athletes from 203 countries with coverage being transmitted to 179 different countries.

There has also been a change in composition over the years, with several new events, all for women, being added. By 2005, the only differences were men’s competition in the 50 km walk, and equivalent events in women’s 100 m hurdles and heptathlon to men’s 110 m hurdles and decathlon.

In 2014, Doha applied for the 2019 bid and won the bid to become the hosting city. Doha is the first city in the Middle East to host this event in the history of Athletics, edging out Eugene (USA) and Barcelona (Spain).

In August 2017, the Championships took place in London where Qatar received the flag to host the event in 2019 and the same flag ceremony will take place in Doha 2019 to hand over the flag to Eugene, USA, to host the Championships in 2021.

Doha will be welcoming 205 countries and 3,500 athletes with approximately 10,000 international guests, 30,000 spectators from outside Qatar and more than 2,000 media personnel. The third biggest sporting event in the world will be broadcasted to more than 200 countries reaching out to more than 7 million viewers. In addition to that, the IAAF Congress Elections will take place in Doha.

About Athletics

Athletics is sport in which a series running, jumping, throwing and walking events are contested. The word “athletics” has its roots in the Ancient Greek language and is the oldest organized sport. 

Athletics competitions are decided by either the best time, longest distance or highest jumps depending on the contested event. 

The sport is considered the easiest to practice thanks to its simplicity and easy access to its equipment, which doesn’t cost a lot of money either. 


  • 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 1500M, 5000M, 10000M 
  • 3000M Steeplechase 
  • 100M Hurdles, 400M Hurdles 
  • 4x100M Relay, 4x400M Relay 
  • Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump 
  • Hammer Throw 
  • Pole Vault 
  • Shot put, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw 
  • Decathlon, Heptathlon 
  • Road Races: Marathon and 50 KM & 20 KM Race Walk 


27th September to 6th October 2019